Yana Shpitsberg. Leap of Faith

dal 20.05.2022 al 13.08.2022

Together Mansion

  • Autore: Yana Shpitsberg
  • Data Inizio: 20.05.2022
  • Data Fine: 13.08.2022
  • Dove: Together Mansion
  • Indirizzo: Viale Glorioso, 14
  • Ingresso: libero
  • Tel. / Mob.: 06 9760 3999
  • Descrizione Evento:


    The exhibition will include 3 sections:
    “FOTO_SETT” – photo project made in collaboration with Luca Busonera

    This project is reflecting upon different aspects of the couple’s everyday life. Days spent together could be remembered like a routine or they could be memorised like a special moments in this period of relation.

    30 photos take part in this month-long project that was realised by Yana Shpitsberg and Luca Busonera in September 2021. Every day of September they were creating, editing and publishing one photo on instagram page @foto_sett . For artists this project was also a creative challenge with hemselves because creating every day needs such a huge effort of discipline. 

    “LEAP OF FAITH” – photos of dancers and performers

    This section is speaking about movement, synergy and co-creation. And most of all it speaks about a risk that every artist is taking when he/she/they chooses this path.


    The most recent project in which artist is reflecting on current times and possible variations of hereafter