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Martina Zanin, I Made Them Run Away

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dal 26.02.2019 al 16.03.2019


  • Autore: Martina Zanin
  • Curatore: Chiara Capodici
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    La continua ricerca di mia madre per "la famiglia perfetta", l'ha portata a conoscere, e a farmi conoscere, dozzine di uomini, molti dei quali hanno vissuto a casa nostra.
    I  made them run away è una storia a più livelli che lega fra loro materiale d'archivio, fotografie e testi di mia madre. Unisce passato e presente con l'intenzione di esaminare quanto queste relazioni abbiano realmente influenzato il rapporto con mia madre e la mia attuale percezione degli uomini.

    In collaborazione con JEST

    “One night I went home very excited and after having dinner with my grandmother I went  upstairs – where my mother and I used to live – with the intention of going to sleep. As I entered I saw my mother and a man sitting on the couch watching television. Happy to meet someone new, I started dancing and singing in front of the TV for about 10 minutes, as long as the man finally interrupted my performance saying “It’s late, I’d better go.” Once greeted the man, my mother comes back in the house yelling at me: “How could you possibly make them all run away?”.”

    Even after having been through difficult relationships, Giulia – my mother – has never lost her desire to create the perfect family, nor her great fear for loneliness. She found herself living in years when the first websites for meetings had begun to take hold and she decided to find her soulmate through this way. This brought her to know, and to make me know, dozens of different men, some of whom have lived in our home. 

    At first sight these men appeared very gentle and caring, but shortly their behaviors changed and they turned out for what they really were; what they wanted was clear, of course the family was not part of their interests.

    ‘I made them run away’ is a multi-layered story weaving together archive material and photographs with texts. It brings together past and present to examine a mother daughter relationship and the perception of men kind.



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